Voix power station

CLIENT: ElectroRhêmes S.r.l.
POWER: kVA 10200
YEAR: 2011/2016

The “Voix” Power station is located in the homonymous locale in the Commune of Rhêmes-Saint-Georges at a height of some 1,230 m a.s.l. The ElectroRhêmes company already had the plant named “Thûmel” under operation.


The Voix Power station completes the hydro-electric exploitation of the available drainage basin and optimises the use of the completely interred Power line made at the time of the Thûmel Power station.


This is a medium drop, flowing water, plant which exploits the waters of a drainage basin of some 104 km2, with an average height of some 2,550 m a.s.l.


The water take-up structure, built in the locale of Proussaz, is located at a height of some 1,429 m. The water for the turbine is mainly derived as a percentage of the discharge from the existing power station, named the “Alouette” plant.


The plant, unmanned, is completely automated through a logic control network and the information related to the electrical and mechanical parameters of the plant is transmitted to the Introd supervision centre. The most evident result of the automation is the lack of the majority of electro-mechanical controls. The operator interreacts with the power station plant using the local supervision touch-screen. The graphics pages, designed with simplicity of use in mind, display the controls on the video which are activated at the touch of a finger. Local automation also provides for adjusting the flow of water in the tanks, with the aim of minimising the supply of inert material.