Smart grid pilot project


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Following changes in the energy market due to the increase in distributed power, there are new problems to be managed at a grid level such as restrictions on transit, inversion of power flux, voltage quality and undesired  island grids.

F.lli Ronc S.r.l., in collaboration with the local grid manager,  DEVAL S.p.A, has developed a pilot project called “Smart Grid” which refers to the hydroelectric power plants managed in the Rhêmes and Valsavarenche valleys. Interface protection devices and other equipment have been installed at these “active” power plants, underlying the primary power station in Villeneuve and provide the exchange of logic signals and electrical measures between the active user and the energy provider DUVAL.
This exchange of data allows the energy provider to acquire larger amounts of real time information to achieve optimised management of the grid, whilst the active user receives certain set point values to adjust the generation settings.
More specifically, the improvement of the grid quality is implemented in real time by adjusting the reactive and active power of the user, and possible remote detachment of the generation plants.

In the case of Thûmel, in addition to the above-listed functions, a ring has been built between the 15kV DEVAL grid and the 20kV ElectroRhêmes grid. This improvement means that, in the event of a failure or maintenance work, it is possible to increase the continuity of the service from the Rhêmes valley grid and guarantee power generation by the Thûmel station in the event of a failure of the ElectroRhêmes power line.