Chanté de Combes power station


CLIENT: F.lli Ronc srl Division Énergie
POWER: kVA 160
YEAR: 1993/1994

The “Chanté de Combes” power station is situated in the village of the same name in the municipality of Oyace. Works began in 1993. The station lies on the main axis of the Grand Combin aqueduct, where the hydraulic situation demanded the inclusion of pressure break tanks.


The hydraulic power is transformed into electrical power. A dedicated area houses a water monitoring and chlorination station to guarantee the quality of the water. The station monitors “warning” parameters related to turbidity, electrical conductivity, PH and residual chlorine. The latter measurement is used during chlorination to maintain the concentration at a value of 0.05 PPM.
The station is equipped with a unit comprising an asynchronous generator and a Pelton wheel, with a power of approximately 100 kW.


The plant operation is automated, is not manned, and information relating to the station’s electrical and mechanical parameters and the water quality controls is sent to the Introd supervision centre.


As far as the intake structure ,is concerned, in contrast to traditional power stations using running water, turbined water accumulates in conventional break tanks and is transported to the power station downstream through the pipes of the existing water supply. Currently, the chlorination system is used only in emergencies, as a UV ray debacterization system has been installed at the Chez Noyer plant, and involves no chemical alterations.