Regio Parco Turin power station

CLIENT: E.R.T. S.r.l.
POWER: kVA 400
YEAR: 2017

The plant is located in the Commune of Turin on the right bank of the river Dora Riparia, using the water drop caused by a dam located upstream of the Benne bridge on the Corso Regio Parco, at one time operational at the Regio Parco Canal offshoot, and built in 1758.


The site presents as a level landform in an urban environment, where the river Dora is well confined by containment walls both to the right and left banks, a few hundred metres upstream of the River Po confluence.


The intervention consisted of adapting the Regio Parco canal offshoot dam with the creation of a mini hydro-electric power station in a compacted reinforced concrete structure of limited width and extent, underground, and with perfect water holding capacity, having a minimum environmental impact.


The aims of the project were to:
• adapt the dam to achieve the objectives of reducing the water levels under full conditions;
• allow for the offshoot for hydro-electric use and to guarantee a better use of the water resource for energy aims;
• gain value without compromising the elements of the old Regio Parco canal offshoot, constructed in 1758 and of documented environmental value, through actions of maintenance and educational information.


The operation is automated and unmanned and the information related to the electrical and mechanical parameters of the plant is transmitted to the Introd supervision centre.