Lac Les Laures power station

CLIENT: Società Idroelettrica Laures S.r.l.
POWER: kVA 150 – kVA 180 – kVA 3500
YEAR: 2006/2009

The power plant is located in Arp in the Municipality of Brissogne.

In the building there are 3 groups. The first, with a power of 150 kW, uses the water found during the construction of the tunnel to serve the main plant.

The second group, with a power of 120 kW, uses the water found during the construction of the well to serve the main plant and that of a source located just upstream from the well’s mouth. The main group (the third), on the other hand, exploits the waters of Lake Les Laures at an altitude of 2,545 meters above sea level.

The pipeline begins with a small tunnel of 230 m and continues for about 1 km in the trench, on impervious slopes. We then meet the vertical shaft of 560 ml, followed by a sub-horizontal tunnel (20% slope) of 1300 ml.

Finally, after another 150 meters in the trenches, we reach the central building, at an altitude of 1,311.30 meters above sea level. for a total height difference of 1233.70 ml.

At the plant, a 3,500 kVA group has the task of transforming the kinetic energy of the water into electricity.