Cogne power station

Montroz Extraction works

CLIENT: G.E.C. Energie S.r.l.
POWER: KVA 2.000- KVA 350
YEAR: 2011/2014

The “Lisardey” power plant is located in the town of the same name in the municipality of Cogne. In the building there are two turbine-generator units.
The first unit exploits a height difference of 450,00 meters and is operational in the period from May to September.
The second unit, however, is active during the remaining months of the year. The powers amount respectively to 1,500.00 KW and 300.00 KW.


The extraction structure and supply work of the system upstream are shared with the local irrigation consortium. The one downstream allows derivation of the water, in addition to the irrigation consortium, also to the Municipality and to private premises for the operation of two small hydro-electric plants. Therefore, a system serving the area.