Cancellara wind farm

The plant, owned by PIM Srl, is located in the municipality of Cancellara (PZ) and consists of one by 1 MW power wind turbine. The Leitwind LTW77 wind turbine produces approximately 2.500,000 kWh/year. The installation consists of the construction of the external access road, the internal road system, the foundation and system structure for 20 kV voltage connection, including construction and equipping of the MV supply cabin.


The plant went into operation in December 2012.




  • 1 aerogeneratore di potenza 1 MW
  • Altezza 65 metri diametro del rotore 77 metri
  • Producibilità 2500 MWh/anno
  • Linea di connessione in cavo interrato 20kV