Bonne power stations

CLIENT: Comune di Valgrisenche
POWER: kVA 1600
YEAR: 2012

The Bonne plant is located in the locality of the same name, in the Municipality of Valgrisenche. The works were carried out during the year 2012.


The power plant consists of an asynchronous generator group with relative Pelton turbine, which exploits a difference in height of about 120 meters.


The total rated power is 100 KVA and the maximum summer production is around 75 kW.


Operation is automated, unattended, and control is entrusted to a PLC (programmable logic controller) which monitors all activities and restarts the control unit in the event of a shutdown.


The information relating to the electrical and mechanical parameters of the plant are transmitted to the supervision center of Introd.


The plant was built on the drinking aqueduct that serves the entire Municipality.
The production group has been inserted on a difference in level already present for hydraulic needs inherent to the water supply.


On this occasion, the Municipality also detects the most important aqueduct variables, optimizing the entire water system.