Bois de Gris power station

CLIENT: Bois de Gris srl
POWER: kVA 300
YEAR: 2004/2005

The “Bois de Gris” power station is situated in the municipality of Oyace.


The works, which began in spring 2004, included the partially underground construction of the central body of the power station and the use of a fully underground penstock serving an irrigation system. Particular attention was paid to the appearance of the site, starting with the positioning of the buildings in a way that was respectful of the surrounding environment.


The unit exploits the excess water from the overhead irrigation system at a head of 400 m. The asynchronous generator, driven by Pelton wheels, has a total nominal power of 270 kW.


The plant operation is automated, is not manned, and is controlled by PLC (programmable logic controller) which monitors activities and restarts the power station in the event of a stoppage. Information relating to the station’s electrical and mechanical parameters is sent to the Introd supervision centre by an Intranet using a GPRS connection.

For some years now, during the winter, the drainage water has been integrating the municipal aqueduct of Grand Combin. This is an example of multiple use of resources.