Bioley power station

CLIENT: Meyes S.r.l.
YEAR: 2013/2014

The “Bioley” power plant is located in the locality of the same name in the Municipality of Introd. The plant, like that of Pont and Pont du Grand Clapey, is located on the main shaft of the Grand Paradis aqueduct and represents the fifth and last group.

At the homonymous tank, already built by our company in the years 2004/05, the turbine-generator unit with a power of about 180 KW was installed. Here the water is accumulated in the tank which, in addition to serving the town of Introd, supplies the Municipality of Saint-Pierre.

Operation is automated, unattended and the information relating to the electrical and mechanical parameters of the plant are transmitted to the Introd supervision center.

The intake structure is located in loc. Fenille where there is the fourth group.

At the plant, a 350 KVA unit has the task of transforming the kinetic energy of the water into electricity.