POWER: kVA 2200
YEAR: 2011/2014

The “La Lizza” power plant is a system that uses irrigation water to service the territory of Verrayes. The extraction works and the supply channels are therefore pre-existing works. JEV S.r.l. has intercepted this channel upstream of the irrigation area, which is spread over a total height difference of approximately 1,300 metres.


The first 630 meters, where irrigation is even less used due to the altitude, are useful for converting hydraulic energy into electrical energy. The pipeline route is mainly along a street in Lizza, through which, in the past, blocks of marble were brought down from the numerous quarries in the area, hence the name of the plant. The installed power is 1,500 kW.


Operation is automated unmanned and the information relating to the electrical and mechanical parameters of the system is transmitted to the supervision centre of Introd.